Website Hosting
starting from $3.95/mo

Our ZFS–driven website hosting platform provides the best in protection against data corruption and loss & optimum security for your websites. A ModSecurity firewall application will keep hackers away from your sites.

OpenVZ Virtual Private Servers
starting from $7.00/mo

With our OpenVZ Virtual Private Servers offers you get Guaranteed CPU allocations and SSD storage. We offer a group of web accelerators to speed up your web sites, bundled in our free hosting Control Panel.

KVM Virtual Private Servers
starting from $7.00/mo

Complete root access, hardware-assisted CPU access and SSD storage with all Linux KVM Virtual Private Servers packages. You are able to choose the server's Operating System.

Semi-dedicated Servers
starting from $30.00/mo

The hosting server allocations your demanding sites need at a price you can afford. The offer includes an easy–to–use Control Panel that simplifies handling your semi-dedicated servers.

Dedicated Servers
starting from $40.00/mo

There are no limitations as to what you can do when you control the unlimited power of one of our dedicated servers packages. You'll get 1 completely free dedicated IP.